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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

love you too sheryl. <3

i need to go get my license and go to korea this year.
okay. license first. HAHA

so that i can write in my CV that i have a license. HAHA.
but i bet having a license will be much more better for people who works in a industry like me.
totally. i will go get it done.

yes. out of that dusty place in no time.
its kinda of drivin me nuts every now and then.
but still.
cant believe i worked for a year already.



12:02 AM

Friday, April 22, 2011

Singaporeans life are so busy that everyone only cares about themselves
and they dont really slow down their pace to notice the other people or things around them, the people the things.
They dont.

they only care about how they feel, and about how shd others accept them.
But never had they thought about how their words would hurt others, and saying mean things to people ard you just because you had a bad day or whatsoever, or you're just being too uptight about life.

just relax, lay back. you will see a brighter sky, and the world in a bigger perspective. not just in your own bubble. AM

and sheryl ng. dont be a emo kid. XD (i mean its your blog. you write what you like). but. oh wells. just concern.

12:50 AM

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today marks my 21st birthday, being 21, everyone says its like going on to another stage of life. Waiting to start of a brand new chapter of life.

Yesterday was my 21st birthday celebration, celebrated it a day earlier, friends and families appear, people who play an important role in my life. People who I know I can spend a life with. :) and I'm grateful and thank God for these past twentyone years in my life.
I got a lot of things to fulfil in this year, like getting my driving licience. :D
I'm excited for a new chapter of life, and thanks for the loves all these years on earth, to my families, friends. :) families whom love me so much, best friends that I have known since primary/secondary school. Poly friends whom I know are the bests, and the best colleagues that have taken care of me in this cold reality. And also, churchmates whom I know we will do life tgt. :D happy 21st to me. Thanks for everything. :) love, grace.

10:56 PM

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

and; seeing the japan earthquakes and tsunamis really breaks my heart. praying for them every night, jaapan is soo advanced in their technology. but one natural diaster, their buildings once so grreat, and cars were just like toys.

the wonders of nature. God, i pray for peace in these people hearts.

and it really strengthens my determination to go out to the world, to help others. :) really.

12:01 AM

Monday, March 14, 2011

i realised, i will be twentyone in less than a week's time.
my birthday is this week though. and im opening a birthday party to celebrate. '
actually, my mum wanted to when i was still deciding, she said she just do it cause its been awhile since our family really celebrate or organise this kinda of stuff. haha.

so im gonna have a bday party after so many years, i rmb my last one was when i was eight years old, and it was held at macs, and i got a classmate called sim wei jie who gave me a barbie sports car. oh the old days. hahaha

actually, this is the year where alot of close friends around me turns twentyone.
come to think of it, 21 is just a number, but to most people, its marks a beginning to the start of their lives. being 21, you would wanna grow in your thinking, though you can be sixteen and think like a 21. haha. but, there's so much more thoughts to what you do, what you say and all.

wont act like a girl whos all whiny about life, ,more appreciation for peopple ard you, knowing who are the people who would really have a stand in your life.

most importantly, knowing what you want in life, and having a purpose. and i rreally thank God for Him, making me who i am now.
im satisfied, happywith my life now. and i know that it can be better with God. :)

im gonna be 21, wheeee~

11:33 PM

Sunday, March 6, 2011

my gadgets are playing tricks with me.
my laptop adapter is down.
now my blackberry. what next? LOL.
i will get it fix this week. no matter what.
ahh. feel so lost without my blackberry. ahhhhhhh

having monday blues already, and time, really flies.

11:49 PM

Monday, February 7, 2011
i love pink.

back from CNY break and work starts tmr. awwwww
but these few days has been good. hahah.
time with family and friends! love it.
i will still get the suju withdrawal symptoms randomly now and there.
tibits angbaos. this week eat like a what only.
gonna do something about it alreadyyyy.
okay. gonna sleep early. work kicks in tmrw.
all is well all is well. and fantabulous.
tyvm. homecoming is a very funny movie. HOHO

12:17 AM